Online Event/Tournament Registration

Accept Registrations

One of the pages available on an event website is registration. Teams that felt anxious about getting into an event can now have confidence they will be participating with the click of a button.


Use the dashboard to modify settings that relate to registration. Settings include registration start and end date/times, set roster limit, modify the registration status for new entries, add custom fields to collect additional information, or just disable it altogether.

Additional Fields

Sometimes an event needs to collect additional information during registration. This can be accomplished by adding additional fields to the registration form.

View Teams

After teams have registered they can be accessed through the dashboard. Within the dashboard you can view teams by their registration status, modify team data, or export them for tasks outside of the dashboard.

External Registration

Not only can you register from Exposure Baseball Events, but you can also take advantage of our API or widgets and handle registration externally. This way a user who wants to register for your event never needs to leave your official website to register.

Email Confirmation

Teams are notified via email about their registration. This way they have a record of their entry. The email can be customized to any look, and the message sent with the confirmation email can be modified within the dashboard.

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