Triple Crown Sports presents

Pathway Arizona Divisions

September 18-21, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona


To view the full event rules for the weekend, please visit the following link:

Home Team: Determined by coin flip in pool play. Higher seed is awarded the choice of home team in playoffs and championship games.

9/19/2020 10:15 AM

Please be sure to double-check your Monday bracket time/location as there were some changes made earlier this afternoon for Monday's games.

9/20/2020 4:29 PM

Pathway Arizona offers the following divisions. Any documents can be viewed, printed or downloaded.


Overall Standings

9/10/2020 6:28 PM

Championship Bracket

9/21/2020 8:57 PM

Gold Bracket

9/21/2020 4:04 PM


Overall Standings

9/10/2020 6:29 PM

Championship Bracket

9/21/2020 9:38 PM

Gold Bracket

9/21/2020 6:16 PM

Silver Bracket

9/21/2020 7:08 PM

All event related questions should be directed to Gino Grasso at or call 970.672.0528.