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Showcase Series @ Pensacola State CC Schedule

June 14-16, 2024
Pensacola, Florida


Pensacola State Event

Due to excess rainfall with more storms in the area, remaining games have been cancelled. Safe travels to all and Happy Father's Day.

Tournament Champions have been declared based on W/L RA RS

18 Division Champions - St Paul's School
16 Division Champions - TaylorMade Baseball

6/16/2024 2:08 PM

Pensacola State Event

The 11:15 game will resume shortly and has 30 minutes remaining in the game. Originally scheduled 1:30 game will start shortly after. Reminder that ALL games are 1:30 min no new inning.

6/16/2024 1:54 PM

Pensacola State Event

Due to heavy rainfall @ Pensacola State, ALL remaining games have been moved to West FL HS. Expect game times to be delayed. Currently, the 11:15 game @ PSC is being moved to WFHS and will resume play asap.

6/16/2024 1:02 PM

Pensacola State Event

Games @ PSC are currently in a lightning delay.

6/16/2024 12:28 PM

Pensacola State Event

Games have resumed play @ Pensacola State. With more weather expected, ALL remaining games will be 1:30 no new inning.

6/16/2024 10:38 AM

Pensacola State Event

Games @ Pensacola State are currently in a lightning delay. We will continue to monitor the weather and an alert will be sent out once games resume.

6/16/2024 9:42 AM

Pensacola State Event

ALL games are being streamed live and can be viewed at

6/16/2024 8:52 AM

Pensacola State Event


$25 Weekend Pass gets you into every site all weekend.

$10 Day Pass gets you into every site for the day.

NO Refunds. In the event of inclement weather, we recommend waiting until the game begins to enter the stadium.

Concessions will be available @ West FL HS (NO Outside Food or Beverages allowed) *Players & Coaches are allowed to bring drinks and small coolers.

NO Concessions @ Pensacola State or Matthews Park (Outside Food & Beverages ARE allowed)

6/12/2024 12:02 PM

Pensacola State Event

18 Division will play 3 Pool Play games, Top 2 teams advance to Championship Game. (Head to Head does NOT applies)

16 Division will play 3 Pool Play games, Pool Winners plus 2 Seed in Pool B advance to Championship Bracket. Best overall Pool Winner based on W/L RA RS will be 1 Seed. 2 Seed v 3 Seed, Winner plays 1 Seed in Championship (Pool A Head to Head applies) (Pool B Head to Head does NOT apply)

Home / Away Team is predetermined. Bottom Team on Schedule is Home Team, Top Team is Visitor. Higher Seed is always Home Team in Bracket Play.

Tie Breaker rules in Pool Play - Head to Head (only if all teams in pool play each other), Runs Allowed, Runs Scored

ALL teams supply their own baseballs.

Games are 1 hour 50 minute no new inning. In the event of inclement weather, game times can be shortened.

All Tournament Team Selections will be made on Monday following the event. Coaches send nominations to (Players first last name, positions played, any supporting stats)

Mercy rules are 12 after 3 - 10 after 4 - 8 after 5

EH & DH allowed

For pitching & more rules visit

6/11/2024 12:28 PM

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