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Fall Ball Session 3-PCYBL

September 24, 2023
Keizer, Oregon


Keizer Little League has rained out the fields for the rest of the day.

Thank you,

9/24/2023 11:29 AM

Fowler Middle School is playable and will start on time.

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9/24/2023 7:06 AM

**Please go over game ground rules with the opposing coach and umpires before each game.
The Fall League is Developmental, please go over these rules and any game variations/decisions before the game. Since there is a mix of teams, decide ahead of time on, stealing, leading off (mostly for 9/10u) and anything else you want to discuss. Let’s keep the atmosphere relaxed and in a learning mode.

Fields will be prepped to start the day and touched up for each game. We try to schedule games for teams of the same age on the same fields to avoid having to make
changes, but sometimes we may need to change the base and pitching distance.

General Rules for Fall Games:
Play normal spring rules (PCYBL): with a couple exceptions.
1)PCYBL will supply three game balls to the plate umpire at the start of the game. Teams will need to shag foul balls.. Any additional balls will need to be supplied by the team.

2) Home team will be determined by a coin flip at home plate prior to game start

3) Pitchers (8u-18u) can only pitch a maximum of 3 innings in a day.

4) No more than 5 runs allowed by a team in any inning. Once you reach 5 runs, inning is over.

5) NO MERCY RULES, so play the full 1:45 hours or up to seven innings for 13-18u six innings for 8-12u.. There are no mercy rules in Fall, use your discretion and if your team is clearly overmatching the other team, work on new plays,
don’t pitch your best pitcher, etc…

6) Be responsible adults, you can keep score, however we don't keep standings or record scores…

7) Go over ground rules before the games and come to an understanding about how you want the game to be played (stealing, leading off for younger teams, etc). Talk it out with the opposing coach and the umpires. Come to an agreement on rules. Some teams are moving into new rules and trying to teach the game with added skills such as stealing, leading off, etc.

8) Teams MUST bat their entire lineups, free defensive substitutions: No Exceptions –No penalty if a player is hurt or cannot finish the game, simply skip that batter in the line-up;

9) No Mid-inning pitching changes. *Exception would be for injury, and player may not return to the game. Let’s try and keep the games moving. ** (New 9/17/2023) If a player has reached 40 pitches or more in the inning and you wish to make a checnge. A change will be granted under the following scenario only. It's the pitchers first inning to apprer in the game, the relief pitcher is currently not in the game, the relief pitcher is warmed up in the bullpen, and a maxium of ONE warmup pitches from the mound will be allowed. This will be the only mid-innging piching change allowed oither than an injury.

10) Bat restrictions, players may use the following legal stamped bats USA, USSSA, BBCOR, or Wood Bats during Fall Play.

11) NO Metal Cleats on portable mounds and all Turf fields. Please respect our partner’s facilities. We want to continue to have access to these premium sites. No sunflower seeds allowed at Turf fields. NO exceptions!!

12) No on-field pre game warm-up, if not the first game of the day on a field. Please find a spot off to the side if waiting for your game to start, let’s stay on time!

13) Biggest rule: Keep it Lite—Have Fun—Help the Players become better ball players!!
Here are the distances we will use in the fall:

9/10U Pitching distance 46’ and 60’ Bases
11/12U Pitching distance 50’ and 70’ Bases
13/14U Pitching distance 60’6” and 90’ Bases

Game Time Limits: ALL games will be 1:45 drop-dead for fall. 6 innings for 8u-12u. 7 innings for 13-18u.

Dropped third strike, leading off, and stealing are permitted unless otherwise agreed to by coaches and umpires prior to game.

Thank You for playing PCYBL!

9/24/2023 6:53 AM

As a condition to the use of the stadium during all games, the following is expected:

Please inform All parents, family members, friends etc:

Volcanoes Stadium is a professional baseball stadium that provides restrooms, garbage cans, and staffing for games. Our agreements with all teams using this facility for a minimum payment in exchange for the following.

1) Player family and friends all pay an entrance fee and parking.

2) There is no outside food or drink (including water) allowed by patrons to be brought into the stadium. Player food can either be purchased at the concession stand or brought in prior to game time. Exceptions would be if a parent wants to hand off the food for a player to a staff member to be delivered directly to the dugout.

3) We ask that the fans of the players respect these rules and do not mistreat our staff. This has become very important as many of the family members walk past our ticket office with food, not paying, and complaining when they have to. It is not up to our staff to explain these rules to these people. But a courtesy of those who are renting the stadium at a greatly reduced price.

Lastly: No swinging or wiffleball hitting in the grass. If any swinging is going to be done, it is done on the red rock or dirt. Players/coaches do not swing from the grass at any point.

Mickey Walker

CEO, Salem-Keizer Volcanoes

Volcanoes Stadium

Mavericks League

9/24/2023 6:45 AM

As of 6:30am Keizer Little Leagua Park and Volcanoes Stadium are playable. All fields at Kiezer Little League Park and Volcanoes Stadium will start on schedule. We are waiting on a report from Fowler Middle School.

Thank you,

9/24/2023 6:42 AM


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