Triple Crown Sports presents

Summer Nationals Session #1 15U

July 6-10, 2022
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


If you have pre-ordered merchandise for the 2022 Summer Nationals, please follow this link for Pick-Up-Information. You will be able to pick up all merchandise at the Four Points Sheraton.

7/5/2022 10:29 AM

Good Morning

Welcome to Championship Sunday! Games are scheduled to start on time this morning. Good luck to all of our teams participating!


7/10/2022 6:06 AM

To those playing at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex be advied. The game streaming is down due to a lightning strike last night. It is unclear if it will be able to be repaired today. The concession stand was also damaged they are operating as best as they can today under the circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience.


7/9/2022 9:46 AM

Good Morning Myrtle Beach

We expect games to begin on time this morning. Please plan to be at your fields and ready to go for scheduled 8am start times. Good luck to all teams competing.

Tournament Merchandise is available today at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex from 8am - 3:30pm.

One of our Tournament Directors will be by the suspended game that resumes at 8am to verify teams are on the same page.

Make it a great day!


7/9/2022 6:40 AM


Due to weather today and a Championship Bracket game that was not able to be finished. We have modified the schedule tomorrow. PLEASE check your schedules tonight. Fields have changed, game times have changed. Good luck to all teams in competing! If there are any changes or weather in the morning or tomorrow we will keep you informed.

PLEASE note. The weather and game times/locations could change. But we are doing out best. Enjoy your evening. All game times/locations final until morning. Suspended game picks up where scheduled.


7/8/2022 7:39 PM

The game in progress at MBHS is suspended. Teams may leave the field. We will be in contact with head coaches only as we look to identify a time/loction to finish that game IF possible. Thank you for your patience. We will be in touch.


7/8/2022 4:01 PM


7/8/2022 3:27 PM

Good Morning

We expect all games today to begin on time. Please be at your fields and ready to go at your scheduled times. We wish everyone the best of luck. Win, lose or draw lets all work together to make this a positive experience. Please practice good sportsmanship! Good luck today to all of our teams!


7/8/2022 6:22 AM


The brackets should be posted. Good job everyone in pool play!

We Pool protected 7&8 in the championship bracket
We could not Pool protect 5 & 6 b/c 3 played both
We protected 15 & 13 in consolation

We will keep you posted on game status in the morning in the event of inclement weather. We appreciate you all competing this week! Enjoy your evening in Myrtle Beach!


7/7/2022 6:59 PM

Good Morning!

All games are on time this morning. Good luck to all of our teams today!


7/7/2022 6:41 AM

Merchandise pick-up is now over for today. Pre-order merchandise will be available for sale and purchase tomorrow from 8am to 3:30pm at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex.

Good day 1 to everyone thank you for your patience!


7/6/2022 9:06 PM

For those that pre-ordered merchandise it's here!!! We are going to be at the Four Points by Sheraton this afternoon and evening until 9pm. Merchandise is availalble for pick-up and also sale at the hotel. We are located in the "Inlet Conference Room" on the first floor inside the hotel. Feel free to stop by. Look for the Triple Crown Sign in the Lobby!

Four Points by Sheraton Myrtle Beach
101 Fantasy Harbour Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579


7/6/2022 2:58 PM

Good Morning!

All games are scheduled to start at the regurally scheduled time this morning! It is Ok to leave your hotels gates open 1 hour prior to first pitch. Welcome to the Triple Crown Summer Nationals! Good luck to all teams today!

Reminder: Help us help you (Have your entire team/spectators/participants) download the Triple Crown Sports App for scores, standings, updates, event alerts etc.
Reminder: There has been a shipping delay on some pre-ordered merchandise and it is NOT available for pickup this morning. We will update teams via the app we expect this to be rectified today.

Good luck, Welcome and Play Ball!


7/6/2022 6:31 AM

Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Summer Nationals!

A few important things:
1. There is a delay on the pre-order merchandise pick-up tomorrow 7/6 due shipping. Pick-up will NOT be ready at 8am on 7/6. We will announce a time as soon as we have it. Also merchandise sales locations for the rest of the week tomorrow by noon. We apologize for the delay!

2. Please have EVERYONE on your team, coaches, participants, spectators download the Triple Crown Sports app for all tournament updates, possible inclement weather updates, emergency communications and more

3. Please come to fields prepared to hydrate! Outside food and beverage is allowed at all tournament locations! Water is not profivided in the dugouts so make sure to bring team coolers and stay hydrated.

4. Concessions IS available at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex. Concessions are NOT available at North Myrtle Beach High School or Myrtle Beach High School this week as an FYI. Please come prepared.

5. Social Media - Follow us on social media @TCEastCoastBSB #IPlayTCS and tag us in any great pics or video's you might capture this week!

6. Reminders from Coaches Meeting - No spikes in cages at NMBHS or MBHS, no infield outfield or hitting grounders in front of the dugouts. Be courteous to umpires, staff and leave your dugouts tidy.

With that being said good luck to all teams! Thank you for participating in The Myrtle Beach Summer Nationals!


7/5/2022 9:17 PM

Tournament Rules:

Run Rules:
15u - 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings, or 8 runs after 6 innings
All ages have a 20-run rule after 2 complete innings (home team gets last bat, if necessary)

No ties in any games (unless forced because of inclement weather disrupting tournament flow)

Tie-Breaker System: For ALL games (other than Championship Game) if a game is tied after all innings have been completed (or at time limit), the "American" tie-breaker rule will go into effect. The last three hitters from the previous inning will load the bases. The base runners will be placed as follows: Last hitter from previous inning @ 1st Base / Hitter before him in the lineup @ 2nd Base/ Hitter before that in the lineup @ 3rd Base. The offensive team also starts the inning with one out. This happens until the tie is broken and the game is complete.

SEEDING PROCEDURE (First factor is Win-Loss record)
Two Way Tie
1. Head to Head between tied teams
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

Three (or more) Way Tie
1. Head to Head (if sweep)
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

RA=Runs Allowed
RS=Runs Scored
LAD=Last Actual Differential

IMPORTANT: Run differential maximum
1. Forfeits will be scored 7-0
2. Maximum run spread per game is 7 regardless of score.

Note: When 3 or more teams are tied and there is not a common opponent amongst all tied teams, run differential is the first tie breaker.

Pool Protection may occur for Bracket Play:
When seeding teams for the playoffs, if 2 teams have previously played each other in Pool Play we may Pool Protect. This means we may exchange the lower seeds to provide both teams with a new opponent for only their first playoff game. For example, in an 8 team playoff bracket, the #1 Seed would normally play the #8 Seed. However, if the #8 Seed and #1 Seed have played we would flip the #7 seed with the #8 seed so as to avoid a rematch of pool play in the first round of playoffs. The seed flip must create new matchups in both games, if not we revert back to original seedings (i.e. #1v#8 & #2v#7).

6/23/2022 6:34 PM


  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys: 10th-8th
  • entry fee


Myrtle Beach, SC


Bobby Holland


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