Triple Crown Sports presents

Coastal Championship

October 16-18, 2020
Little River, South Carolina


Tournament Director: John Casale
For complete tournament rules, please visit:

- No gate fees
- Teams must complete their roster with all players authorized signatures by Thursday 10/15.
- Teams must supply 2 new game balls per game.
- There are no metal spikes allowed on portable mounds or in batting cages
- Remember to review and sign the scorecard for accuracy of the score and innings pitched at the completion of your game. Please send any inaccurate scores/pitching to

SEEDING PROCEDURE (First factor is Win-Loss record)
Two Way Tie
1. Head to Head between tied teams
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

Three (or more) Way Tie
1. Head to Head (if sweep)
2. Total Run differential
3. Runs Allowed
4. Runs Scored
5. Actual run differential in last pool game
6. Coin Flip

RA=Runs Allowed
RS=Runs Scored
LAD=Last Actual Differential

IMPORTANT: Run differential maximum
1. Forfeits will be scored 7-0
2. Maximum run spread per game is 7 regardless of score.

Note: When 3 or more teams are tied and there is not a common opponent amongst all tied teams, run differential is the first tie breaker.

Pool Protection may occur for Bracket Play:
When seeding teams for the playoffs, if 2 teams have previously played each other in Pool Play we may Pool Protect. This means we may exchange the lower seeds to provide both teams with a new opponent for only their first playoff game. For example, in an 8 team playoff bracket, the #1 Seed would normally play the #8 Seed. However, if the #8 Seed and #1 Seed have played we would flip the #7 seed with the #8 seed so as to avoid a rematch of pool play in the first round of playoffs.

10/12/2020 3:13 PM


Event Format: 2 pool games and single elimination championship ​Payment due: Oct 7, 2020 ​Age Cutoff Date: (eligible to play in the division of your age on April 30th) Game Times Available: Oct 13, 7pm eastern Entry Includes: 1. three-game minimum 2. Top caliber competition 3. Professional staff 4. All umpire costs 5. No gate fees

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys: 16U, 15U, 14U, 13U, 12U, 11U, 10U, 9U
  • $500.00-$650.00 entry fee
  • 3 game guarantee


North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex Map
North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex
150 Citizens Cr
Little River, SC, 29566


John Casale


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