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PST Game Rules
PST Pitching Rules
All AA divisions will be played with a 7 run max per inning, regardless of age group. AA divisions are developmental and a premium is placed on innings. The last "DECLARED" inning will be unlimited

1. metal spikes on turf. If a player or coach is found to have metal spikes on turf fields or turf mounds, they will be immediately ejected along with the head coach for the remainder of the game. Metal spikes are only approved for 13u and older.
If the INFIELD surface is dirt/grass, metal spikes are allowed everyone except for the turf.
If the INFIELD surface is turf, spikes are not allowed regardless of the outfield being grass.

Here is where that could be an issue:
Meadowdale - turf fields and turf mounds
Kasch - turf mounds (natural surface so spikes ok except mound)
Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) - turf fields and turf mounds
Heritage - turf mounds (natural surface so spikes ok except mound)
Sera - turf mounds (natural surface so spikes ok except mound)

Where this isn't a problem
Bethel High School - natural surface with dirt mound

2. Alcohol / open containers
Any individual with alcohol inside a PST complex will be immediately ejected for the entire weekend. The second offense is the immediate removal of the entire team.

7/15/2024 5:00 PM


Age groups will have multiple divisions to ensure the most competitive games possible for everyone. For example, 11u division will be split into 2 or 3 divisions based on the competition levels selected by a team during registration & their season record (PST rankings and game changer). We will make this determination no later than 8 days prior to the event. If a team feels they are being placed in the incorrect division, please contact the tournament director.

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  • Boys: 14U-9U
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Tacoma, WA


Matt Creaser


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