We know there is some expected weather.
We will update through the app of changes need to occur.

For all youth questions, comments, or concerns

For all high school (15-18) questions, comments or concerns or

6/14/2024 8:18 PM

For games at sera park gate's will open 1 hour before first pitch
Saturday - 8am gates open
Sunday - 730am gates open

6/14/2024 1:31 PM

Some of the parks this weekend will have a gate fee. $5 per adult will be charged daily. Players are free and coaches listed on the official online roster are free.
Cash and venmo will be accepted.

In lieu of daily gate fees, PST offers a Season Gate Pass
For $40, everyone in your family will be covered for the remainder of the season for all PST Events which include Seattle Elite and WCP Tournaments.

For more information, click here

6/12/2024 4:58 PM

For all high school division questions (15u-18u), please reach out to:
Dylan Kilmurray ( or Garrett Degallier (

For all youth related questions (9u-14u), please reach out to Matt Creaser (

Thanks you,
GSL Staff

6/12/2024 4:55 PM

GSL Holds a zero tolerance policy in regards to metal spikes on turf fields.
Please support us and our facility partners.

If any player is found to be wearing metal spikes on a turf field OR is pitching on a turf mound, the player and the coach will be ejected from the game.

Field "X" is a natural surface field, but the mound is turf. Metal spikes are allowed to be worn by all position players, besides the pitcher.
In the middle of the 4th inning, the coach makes a pitching change and brings int he left fielder wearing metal spikes to pitch. That player MUST change their shoes. If player does not, umpires can eject the player and the coach for non-compliance.

6/12/2024 4:53 PM

Gameplay Rules

Pitching Rules

Please click the above links for tournament information

6/12/2024 4:50 PM

We are actively working on schedules and trying to get them out by the weekend.
Several teams are "unpaid".
We have a long waiting list of teams trying to get in.
We will be removing all unpaid teams tomorrow.
Unpaid teams were sent invoice reminders.

6/5/2024 9:04 AM


High School divisions (15-18u) will start on weeknights by 5:00pm. Youth divisions (9-14u) will start on Saturday as early as 8:00am. The high school divisions are wood bat and youth are USA Bats, Bbcor or Wood. We offer multiple divisions within age groups to ensure fair competition. For instance, your division may be divided into 2 or 3 divisions based on team preferences and performance metrics like PST rankings and game records. This division assignment will be finalized at least 8 days before the event. If a team believes they're in the wrong division, please contact the tournament director.

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  • All teams
  • Boys: 18U, 14U-9U
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General Information

High School Divisions (15-18u): Wood Bats Only
Youth Divisions (9-14u): Bbcor, Wood or USA

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