Saginaw Sugar Beets presents

Sugar Beets April Spring Fling 8-12

April 21-23, 2023
Saginaw, Michigan


I will unpublish the schedule until 10:15pm when all has been finalized EXCEPT 12u.

Two 12u games are still being played.

11u schedule will have a minor change in the yellow bracket.

10u has a game to be played at 8am and ALL games will be moved to Hoyt Park. The current weather and what we went through today, we have to play at Hoyt Park. Schedule will be finalized in the next 20 minutes or so. 8 teams will be in the championship bracket to make planning better this evening. This will prevent teams waiting and having to guess where they are playing.

9u will be finalized soon but only has a minor change. 9u will also be played at Hoyt Park for the same reasons as 10u.

8u is finalized and will stay at Wickes Park McCarty as their field is in great shape.

Thank you for patience and understanding.

4/22/2023 9:53 PM

Any games not finished tonight will start at 8am tomorrow.we will play until darkness tonight.

Those that did not receive their t-shirts will receive them tomorrow.

4/22/2023 5:35 PM

One representing from each team should text your final score to 989 714 6572.

Include your field, runs scored for both teams, team names, and age group.

Thank you!!

4/22/2023 11:42 AM

Wickes Park - Hospital Road
3599 Hospital Road
Saginaw, MI 48603

It is the same park but a different parking lot and fields (WPH5 & WPH6)

4/22/2023 8:40 AM

All fields are now a 10am start.

ALL Games are now 6 innings 1:35, instead of 1:45, still finish the inning.

Game times have been updated on the schedule and this only impacts some, not all. Hit refresh on your app to make sure your times have updated.

4/22/2023 5:23 AM

8u baseball run rule and stealing of home clarified.

5 run limit per inning except for the 6th inning. Unlimited for the 6th inning.

No stealing home. Must be batted in, advanced by walk, or HBP to score.

4/21/2023 7:34 PM

Tie Breakers for seeding going from pool-play to bracket-play. All age groups.

Runs allowed
Runs scored
Coin flip

4/21/2023 4:31 PM

The weather looks okay for Sunday but early Saturday is questionable and probably depends on how soft the fields are after the Friday rain. We should get the majprity of the games in but could have a little bit of a juggling act Saturday.

If there have to be adjustments in the schedule, we will send this type of message as early as possible but probably not earlier than 5am Saturday morning. Please make sure your families have pressed the FOLLOW on your teams page so they receive the same messages.

Our goal is to play games, not cancel them.

4/20/2023 10:25 PM

If you have not already done so, please email your COI and your team roster to

Please name the following as the tournament host on your COI:

Saginaw Sugar Beets
107 W Genesee Ave
Saginaw, Mi 48602

4/20/2023 10:06 PM

12u has been changed from Hoyt Park to Olson Park. Please take a look at your schedule as game times may have changed.

The Olson Park address:

Olson Park (across the street from Heritage HS)
3120 N Center Rd
Saginaw, MI 48603

4/16/2023 9:37 PM

11u Baseball has been moved from Hoyt Park to Liberty Park. Please take a look at your schedule as game your game times may have changed.

The address for Liberty Park:

Liberty Park (behind the Millet Center)
3670 Southfield Dr
Saginaw, MI 48601

4/16/2023 9:34 PM

9u has added one team and the schedule has been adjusted.

Teams inpacted are:

MP Drillers Holhbein
Midland Explorers McGuire
Michigan Batmen Kroll

4/16/2023 7:42 PM

if you missed ordering your t-shirt, you have this week to get your order in.

4/10/2023 1:42 PM

Subtle changes have been made to both the 11u & 12u game schedule. Please check your Saturday game times.

Thank you!

4/4/2023 9:23 AM

Tournament Rules are posted in the documents section.


4/1/2023 6:46 PM

DO NOT SELECT SHIPPING as shirts will be given to the teams. If you accidentally pay for shipping, you will receive a refund for the cost of shipping.

3/29/2023 7:48 PM

This is the last call to place a t-shirt order. The window to order the t-shirt will close tomorrow evening.

3/29/2023 7:15 PM

Spring Fling Pool Play Schedule Posted

Subject to change if teams are added.

T-shirts are getting closer to the due date as well.

Thanks, all!

3/19/2023 6:50 PM

2023 Spring Fling Tournament t-shirts are available for purchase. T-shirt distribution will be sent to head coaches so please do not select a delivery method when ordering.

2/28/2023 1:12 PM

Sugar Beets April Spring Fling
April 21-23 Field Assignments

12u - Hoyt Park, 1574 S Washington Ave 48607
11u - Hoyt Park, 1574 S Washington Ave 48607
10u - Wickes Park, 3475 Hospital Rd 48603
9u - Wickes Park, 7449 McCarty Rd 48603
8u - Wickes Park, 7449 McCarty Rd 48603

(If needed, fields could be switched)

2/12/2023 2:27 PM


  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls
  • entry fee


Wickes Park-McCarty Map
Wickes Park-McCarty
7449 McCarty Road
Saginaw, MI


Corky Thompson


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